This Is Our Christmas


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Jesse Kove as Kevin Turner
Aaron O'Connell as Nathan Winslow
Margaret O'Brien as Mrs. Foxworth
Ronn Moss as Gatekeeper
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بازخورد بینندگان

Reviewed by fanfarehollywood 9 / 10

A huge fan of Academy Award winner Margaret O'Brien in the movie.

Very happily surprised to come across this little gold nugget of a holiday movie. I began to watch the film and enjoyed the characters that seemed very light hearted and Frank Capra esque. Then mid way through the film a distinguished older woman named Grandma Foxworth comes into a bakery. I kept looking and said to myself, "I know this actress". It was none other than Oscar winner Margaret O'Brien (Meet Me & St. Louis & Little Woman). Margaret and her grandson played by Vincent De Paul (James Foxworth) are magnificent together. They are classic old Hollywood in 2018. The movie looks like it could have been shot in 1940's style. I love Christmas movies filmed particularly in Hollywood. It had great nostalgia for me.

Reviewed by littlethings83 9 / 10

Good Christmas movie

We enjoyed watching it with the family, a classic Hallmark movie. It's a simple sweet film with many cute moments. There are some beautiful images. It was cool to see Big Bear and other iconic LA spots. We found the characters likable. The kids loved to see Santa and the elf. A good holiday film to watch with your family.

Reviewed by mc85fl 9 / 10

A Perfect Holiday Film

This is a perfect holiday film for the family. The story is simple but enjoyable. There is true Christmas values and spiritual elements which are rare to find nowadays in most films. Clearly a low budget film but the cast is great and it is beautifully shot and directed. My kids liked it. We enjoyed it.

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