The Unholy



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 1567

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Hal Holbrook as Archbishop Mosely
Ned Beatty as Lt. Stern
Lari White as Housekeeper
Ben Cross as Father Michael
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Reviewed by gridoon 6 / 10

Perhaps the only movie featuring a live phone call from Hell.

"The Unholy" is a typical two-star horror effort: serious-minded and with many positive points, but still somewhat disappointing. It has a good basic concept, good (if rather sparse) special effects and a surprisingly distinguished cast (even Trevor Howard, who died the same year, has a small but pretty important role). BUT... it moves kind of slowly, the direction is too often choppy in the wrong places, and when the demon appears at the end, he (or "it") seems childishly conceived (although it's technically well-executed) and doesn't fit in an otherwise very serious movie. Anyway, most horror fans WILL probably find this worth a (single) viewing.

Reviewed by CMRKeyboadist 7 / 10

Not Bad But Could Have Been Better

Here is a movie I used to like a lot when I was a kid back in the later part of the eighties. I finally just found a copy of this film (unfortuanitly on VHS) and figured I would give it a try. This is a decent film with a solid cast. The story is this, basically there is a creature called the Unholy and it is going around and slaughtering priests. Ben Cross plays one of these priests and is thrown out of a skyscraper like 7 stories up. He miraculously survives without even a mark on his body so the Archbishop believes him to be the chosen one to do battle with the Unholy. The main problems with this movie is that it moves way to slow and the dialog is not very good. There is a decent bit of gore in the film but its only at the beginning and at the end of the movie. So for the most part you have to struggle with good actors working with a terrible script. The special effects also could have been better but are not horrible like most people make them out to be. At the end they should have used stop motion animation to be more effective. But all together this is not a horrible movie it just could have been put together much better. 7 stars

Reviewed by epeteet 8 / 10

Creepy good vs. evil horror with some great special effects

I love 80's horror movies but they usually don't scare me; i mostly watch them for gore/special effects/monsters/nudity, etc. you don't find in the watered down PG-13 crap that passes for horror today. I gotta admit this movie actually creeped me out pretty good. THE UNHOLY involves an evil demon that takes the form of a major babe in order to seduce priests so it can claim the innocent for Satan or something like that. It reminded me a lot of the Italian horror movie THE CHURCH which i also enjoyed. Both take place mostly in big Catholic churches and are filled with satanic hallucinations.

I won't give it away but the opening scene is simply awesome. The movie slows down in the middle but remains stylish with music that almost gives it a similar feeling to the THE LOST BOYS. It also has lots of cool blue and red lighting which makes it look very 80's. (I mean that in a good way, not that the film looks too dated or anything.) It picks back up towards the end and was actually starting to get scary until a couple of cool but funny looking demons show up. There is some sweet gore scenes, cool slimy monster effects, and even some nudity. The pace coulda been a lil faster but the awesome finale makes it well worth it. If you like this i would also recommend THE CHURCH and vise versa.

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