Project Marathwada

2016 [HINDI]


IMDb Rating 6.4 10 70

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Om Puri as Tukaram
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بازخورد بینندگان

Reviewed by ankom 10 / 10

An unproclaimed truth of Gov's Apathetic approach causing Anhedonia to our Annadata?

Well no doubt this movie was released in 2016 and No hyped about it untill it was in Netflix's front poster. Could be plethora of reasons which is again a different debate overall. Lets start with casting. Legendary OM jee is one of the versatile actors in B'wood who solely can drive a theme movie. Project Marathwada is a simple, subtle and a high definition movie highlighting the struggle of our farmers throughout the country. It has taken a dig towards the political agendas taking benefit of their situation yet being ignored as illeterates and their voice are subsided by higher sections. #Suicide is easy but it is very tough to reach to that mental state, and an evolving volcanic of thoughts what they are going through. OUR FOOD PROVIDERS ARE ITSELF BEING DEPRIVED OF FOOD, THEIR RIGHTS AND BASIC AMENITIES.

Reviewed by harshil-28826 1 / 10

Please don't watch

Again please don't watch Pathetic acting, why is that lady speaking so much bad Hindi

Reviewed by juzergandhi 4 / 10

Sensitive topic pathetic acting

Such strong performance actors have been laid to waste by terrible direction and hence super awful acting.

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