Police Academy: Mission to Moscow


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
IMDb Rating 3.6 10 31927

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Claire Forlani as Katrina
Christopher Lee as Commandant Rakov
Ron Perlman as Constantine Konali
Allyn Ann McLerie as Irina Petrovskaya
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Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10

Feels like a life sentence

As has been said before in my reviews for the previous six 'Police Academy' films, the best of the 'Police Academy' films will always be the original by quite some way. It isn't great and will never be a favourite comedy or overall film of mine, but it clearly knew what it wanted to be so it was easy to take it for what it was and what it set out to do.

It was followed by six sequels, and none of them were as good or even on the same level as the first, though admittedly some are worse than others. Most of them are actually being pretty bad or worse and lose what was enjoyable about the original in the first place. While it was with the fourth film where things properly got particularly stale, it was from the fifth film where finding redeeming qualities proved to be difficult, with the sixth film and especially this one being particularly bad.

Just in case you're wondering why all the seven films were watched, mainly it was curiosity to see as to whether the sequels were as bad as their reputations, to see if they were that bad or if it was a case of going against the general consensus (which honestly has happened with me before).

'Police Academy: Mission to Moscow' is the worst of the series and is the first time in a while where watching a film (which always helps me forget any troubles and is a favourite pastime) feels like the viewer is serving a life sentence of their own. Not even some nice locations can save it because a gorgeous city is not used in its full majesty. The previous sequels ranged from tolerable to terrible but still had a couple of casting bright spots or gags that just about worked. 'Police Academy: Mission to Moscow' has neither of those, it's completely devoid of laughs and has no redeeming qualities, as the locations are pretty wasted here they are not enough to count as one.

Only a few of the original cast members return, but are reduced to acting even stupider than before and looking bored while all their material is one-joke and no longer funny, instead being dull and annoying and saying it's gone beyond breaking point doesn't feel enough. Charlie Schlatter, if can be humanly possible, manages to be even blander and more ill at ease than Matt McCoy.

And what possessed great actors like Christopher Lee and Ron Perlman to take part? Lee tries but has very little to do, an unforgivable waste of a screen icon who could turn lesser material into gold when able and a crime that none of the other films committed. Perlman constantly looked like he regretted doing the whole thing, the embarrassment and lack of enthusiasm is all over his face the whole time he's on screen.

'Police Academy: Mission to Moscow' is so amateurish-looking it makes the previous sequels, all of which looked cheap, look like Best Cinematography/Editing Oscar winners. There is nothing memorable about the soundtrack, while the direction gave the sense that the director didn't know what he was doing.

Like the sixth film, the premise was stale by the fourth film but now it is a case of an increasingly thin and repetitive premise stretched to breaking point and now with this film beyond that. The film is completely laughter-free, with recycled material that passed its sell by date long ago, and at worst the writing and gags are worse than infantile, swaps genuine hilarity, wit and cleverness for a distasteful mean-spiritedness, low-brow smut (that would make the crudest 'Carry On' films seen sophisticated in comparison) and juvenile vulgarity.

In summary, absolutely awful and the worst of the 'Police Academy' films. Mercifully, no more was made after this. 1/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Nothing to see here...move along

The seventh POLICE ACADEMY film and the one that notoriously killed off the franchise (TV series and planned remake aside). This one sees the few remaining familiar faces heading off to Russia to combat an evil megalomaniac who plans to put Trojan horse software into a popular video game franchise he's created.

It's as ludicrous as it sounds, but what really hurts MISSION TO MOSCOW is the lack of talent involved. I never thought I'd miss Steve Guttenberg but I really did and David Graf is no substitute. Michael Winslow is the only one I have any remaining liking for and even he's more annoying than funny here. Poor old George Gaynes and G.W. Bailey play out the same tired gags that they've been running since the first instalment.

It's fair to say that I never laughed once during this puerile gag-fest in which all the jokes are well telegraphed, the slapstick is painful rather than amusing, and the acting embarrassing. This is the infamous POLICE ACADEMY that Christopher Lee appeared in as a favour, although thankfully he's not on screen too much. As for Ron Perlman's villain...well, Perlman has made his disdain of the movie widely known, so there's not much more to be said than that.

Reviewed by Jamesfilmfan905 1 / 10

The worst police Academy movie and the worst comedy ever made

Police Academy 7 was the last film in the franchise returning in 1994 after a 5 year hiatus and . I myself wish the hiatus itself had been extended permanently this film is the absolute pits 1 its not even funny , 2 the jokes are obviously recycled from the previous films and other comedy movies of the same genre and era , 3 barely any of the regular actors are in this and the ones who are in this film just look bored and embraced like they don't wish to be their . In short give this police academy movie a miss stick to parts 1 - 3 only where they are actually and watchable trust me give this one and the 3 sequels before this a pass . Trust me i am doing you a favor you'll thank me afterwords .

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