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دانلود تورنت با لینک مستقیم

برای دانلود تورنت میتوانید از سرویسهای بیتسو استفاده نمایید. بیتسو تورنت را در فضای ابری شما ذخیره میکند و شما میتونید آنرا با لینک مستقیم دانلود کنید.

دانلود تورنت با بیتسو

خلاصه فیلم

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Dan Aykroyd as Self
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Reviewed by TaxPayer99 8 / 10

Dark and somber

A dark and somber look at John Belushi's short life through the eyes of friends and colleagues nearly 40 years after his death. It won't leave you laughing or feeling good.

Reviewed by travinitrav 9 / 10

Unbiased look at a mans life.

Pretty darn good. Recommend you see it, even if you never cared about John Belushi before today. Its mostly audio clips with still photos, and these neat little cartoons drawn to match the audio clips. They never do the standard "guy in chair talking to invisible interviewer" and thats a nice change of pace. Loads of never before seen photos and videos, and never heard audio. Brutal honest look at his whole life, not just good or bad. The documentary shares as much of his insights as it possibly can, and also the opinions and stories of friends & coworkers. It never glorifies or vilifies him which is what a good documentary is all about. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by lkgleeson 9 / 10


کارگردان R.J. Cutler delves into the life and persona of legendary SNL and comedy extraordinaire John Belushi with a biographical treatment combining traditional documentary techniques, animation, and a series of taped conversations from those who worked closest with John. Cutler's work reveals Belushi's motivations and his need for approval. Highly recommended!

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